What is ClippingCrate®?

Packaging Engineering

The eco box is recoverable as the sides are held by an attachment staple, allowing them to be assembled and disassembled anytime, making its reuse possible for the different expositions or dispatches. Also, it minimises the space required for storage and transport.

Opening via any of its sides enables the entry and exit of goods from inside it in a fast and convenient manner.

Its design stands out and can be used both for storage and transfer/dispatch.

In its top range (models EcoAvant and specific ones in EcoFerias and EcoArte), created for multiple uses, the resistance and durability of the eco box stand out, providing your dispatches with the added value of an elegant and looked-after design.

In its economic range (models EcoFresh and EcoBasic), advised for limited reuse, the eco box offers a differentiating design, the ease of use and the same work ergonomics as the top range. All this at the best price in the market.