the company

quality and values

Encaja embalajes & trading has a long and consolidated experience in the world of packaging.

Thanks to this long experience, together with the outlook provided by our tradition, we have acquired a double commitment without which our work would be meaningless:

a commitment to quality for our customers

Both our packaging systems and our after-sales service are aimed at providing maximum satisfaction to our customers.

We apply the leading packaging engineering to our products, allowing us to provide a service with the highest quality, efficiency and customisation. The entire manufacturing process is subjected to the most demanding quality control systems, guaranteeing that each product will lead our customers to the path of maximum satisfaction.

Our commitment ensures the full protection of your goods, no matter how fragile, large or delicate they may be: from a combustion motor to the most valuable work of art.


a commitment to the environment

Our company is environmentally aware: our care for the surrounding environment is a value we must encourage, now more than ever.

It is for this reason that the wood used in our packaging systems only comes from sustainable felling and that we have acquired a unique commitment among the companies in our sector: we are committed to plant a tree per packaging we supply.

That is why our company fits in with the environment.

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